Annie presley

When Jay and I got married, he was already the father of three great kids. Our first big family decision was to adopt a dog from a local shelter. After much consideration, we chose Sam, an older mixed breed dog, who had been “surrendered” by his previous family.

Because the kids and I didn’t know each other very well, we just focused our attention on Sam. He was fun, well behaved and knew some tricks. It was clear he was very happy to be a part of our newly melded family. At night we read books out loud to each other and Sam always snuggled in bed with the girls. We often wondered if people read to their dogs too…

Somewhere along the way, we decided to write a book about Sam. He made us all feel special. We always talked to him about what was happening in our lives. He was indeed a very good listener. He became the glue to our new family. Sadly, Sam died just six years later. His snout was full of cancer. We miss him still.

Yet, our Sam will live on because this is the first of several books we’ve written about him. All of the books are about real experiences in Sam’s life. We hope you enjoy them all!

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